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            24/7 Commercial Service

            call 1-800-379-6484

            Find an expert

            Turn to the experts in data center cooling.

            Equipment, software, service, and support you can count on to maximize uptime, control costs, and mitigate risks —all from the most trusted name in cooling.

            Carrier reliability. Because uptime is everything.

            All of our products and services are designed with a deep understanding of every aspect of what it takes to build, run, and grow a successful data center—from CAPEX, OPEX, and risk mitigation to system design and the day-today management of your facilities and equipment.

            We’re ready to help you determine the optimal cooling solutions for your data center based on your unique technical, business, climatic, and regulatory requirements. Whether you require cooling for in-house, cloud service, or colocation data centers—or for new construction, replacement, or temporary applications—turn to the experts at Carrier.

            Capacity Recovery?... Reliable Uptime for your facilities
            Carrier chillers can be 100% loaded in a range of 2 – 7 minutes, depending upon the specific model and application. Learn more about the Carrier Capacity Recovery procedure for accelerated chiller restarts and load recovery to 100%.
            Carrier Data Center Cooling Solutions
            Your Data Center is Only as Reliable as its Cooling.

            Carrier’s field-proven equipment is all designed and tested to help keep your servers running cool around the clock and all year long.

            Keep IT Connected & Informed -- Automatically.

            Your facilities personnel aren’t the only ones who need to know what’s happening with your cooling system. Your IT people do, too.

            Reliably Efficient & Easy to Service for Lower Operating Costs.

            Carrier’s industry-leading efficiencies keep your energy costs—typically 35-40% of operating expenses in most data centers —under control.

            Maximize Energy Efficiency 24/7—in All Seasons.

            Day or night, winter or summer, Carrier chillers deliver optimum energy efficiency at every load point.

            Chill Out Faster After a Power Interruption.

            Carrier’s advanced Capacity Recovery technology can quickly get your chiller back up and running at your required capacity.

            Build a Cooling System That Can Grow with You.

            Carrier’s experts are ready to deliver a modular solution so you can quickly and cost-effectively expand your cooling capacity.

            Benefit Key

            O OPEX ??C CAPEX ??R Risk Mitigation ??F Facilities Management & Operation ??D IT/Data Protection ??S System & Building Design/Engineering

            Cooling Products and Services for Data Centers

            When it comes to keeping data centers cool, Carrier has it all—from high-efficiency air- and water-cooled chillers to standard and custom air handlers to system controls, software, service, and monitoring systems…even rentals.

            AquaEdge? 23XRV Water-Cooled Screw Chiller

            In a GSA Proving Ground study, Carrier’s 23XRV water-cooled screw chiller proved to be 11% more efficient than a competitor’s highly touted magnetic bearing chiller.* With a variable-speed range twice that of other chillers, it delivers surge-free performance, quiet operation, and a unique compressor design that minimizes the need for scheduled maintenance. For more information about the 23XRV and the GPG Study, visit carrier.com/proof.

            *When measured across a broad range of operating conditions, Variable Speed Screw technology, as used in the Carrier 23XRV chiller, was 11% more efficient than mag bearing technology.

            Source: www.gsa.gov/gpg, GPG Program Summary, GPG-031, Aug. 2017, Variable-Speed Direct-Drive Screw Chiller. The GSA study referenced herein does not constitute a product endorsement, recommendation, or preference by the U.S. Government or any agency thereof, or the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

            Learn More
            AquaEdge? 19DV Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller

            The Carrier 19DV centrifugal chiller took home the gold in Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s 2019 Product of the Year awards by combining innovative features, incredible versatility, and a full-system approach to efficient cooling. The result is a chiller that’s so reliable, so high-performing, and so technologically advanced that once it’s installed, you may never have to think about it again.

            Learn More
            AquaForce? 30XV Air-Cooled Chiller

            With full-load EER values above 11.0 and IPLV values above 21.0, the Carrier 30XV air-cooled chiller delivers industry-leading efficiency and sound levels in a small-footprint package that’s easy to install, easy to service, and highly reliable. For even greater energy savings in applicable climates, add free cooling with the optional waterside economizer.

            Learn More
            Carrier? 39DC Custom Air Handler

            Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, Carrier’s 39DC custom double-wall air handler gives you the freedom to specify the optimal system for your precise requirements—helping to simplify installation and achieve more efficient results.

            Learn More
            Carrier Service

            Choose from a complete range of maintenance, monitoring, and emergency-response service plans.


            Monitor your entire data center—and maintain precise temperatures 24/7.

            Rental Equipment

            Stay cool during upgrades and replacements—our readily available rental units.

            Carrier Offers a Full Spectrum of Cooling Solutions for Data Centers

            Turn to Carrier for reliable performance. High energy efficiency 24/7/365. Fast recovery of full capacity after power interruptions. Full-featured controls, monitoring, and alerts—on site and off. And more.

            Our data center products and services include:

            • Air-cooled chillers (with or without waterside economizers)
            • Water-cooled chillers
            • Custom and standard air handlers
            • Hardware and software for local and remote control and monitoring
            • EcoReports?—reporting and analytics to ensure optimal performance
            • Maintenance, monitoring, and emergency-response service plans
            • Rental equipment
            • Expert application and system design assistance
            Talk with an Expert in Data Center Cooling Today

            Looking for solutions for a cooling issue? Need a proposal or quote for your next project or equipment purchase? Have questions or want more information? Get in touch with your local Carrier expert, contact us by phone at 888-272-8860 or email us at [email protected].