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            Healthier Air. Healthier Buildings.

            Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program provides an expanded suite of advanced solutions to help deliver healthier, safer, more efficient and productive indoor air quality regardless of your building type/indoor environment. From innovative products, controls and system design solutions to remote services including assessments, maintenance and re-commissioning, you can trust Carrier’s 100+ years of experience creating optimal indoor air environments to help you with yours. Click below to connect with a local Carrier expert.

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            Carrier Healthy Building Overviews

            For summary documents about indoor air quality (IAQ) science and Carrier HVAC solutions, click on the titles below.

            Healthy Buildings Case Studies
            Healthy Buildings Solutions: West Orange, NJ Case Study
            Multi-building installation of indoor air quality solutions for the township of West Orange, NJ
            Healthy Buildings Solutions: One Court Square Tower, Long Island, NY
            State-of-the-art HVAC systems save energy at iconic One Court Square Tower in Long Island City
            Airborne Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Indoor Environments

            Jialei Shen, Meng Kong, Bing Dong, Michael J. Birnkrant (Carrier), & Jiansung Zhang

            Science and Technology for the Built Environment

            Volume 27, 2021 - Issue 10

            This study reviewed the previous research on the airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in indoor environments from the perspective of indoor air quality (IAQ) and its control. In order to reduce the airborne transmission risk, many control strategies have been introduced, including personal protective equipment (PPE), improved ventilation and air distribution, standalone air cleaning and disinfection technologies, and occupancy control and restriction.

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            New Research Finds Varying Levels of Indoor Air Quality in K-12 Classrooms

            Initial research findings from the University of Colorado Boulder support need for building assessments

            New research from the University of Colorado Boulder found that classrooms in K-12 schools may have variability in ventilation and air changes per hour (the air in a defined space that is replaced each hour), with 60% of the classrooms studied below the recommended ventilation levels.

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            The Role of

            Creating a healthy building through engineering controls in spaces is a key component of combatting COVID-19. It’s a strategy that balances overall effectiveness with the financial impact it can have on the business.

            Allen, J. G., & Macomber, J. D. (2020, April 29). What Makes an Office Building Healthy. Harvard Business Review. https://hbr.org/2020/04/what-makes-an-office-building-healthy

            Building on a Foundation

            No two HVAC systems or applications are the same. And solutions are plenty, varied and can be layered to maximize effectiveness. That is why Carrier takes a consultative and comprehensive approach to understanding your HVAC system, building and occupants’ needs.

            Carrier assessments provide a custom roadmap for your particular HVAC needs. Ask your local expert to suggest HVAC system design and equipment upgrades, replacements, service plans and analytics to maximize system efficiency and longevity.

            Actions you can take to improve indoor air quality (IAQ)

            Your customized Carrier IAQ solutions suggestions may include equipment, controls and service that address various aspects of your HVAC system and building needs as noted below.


            Maximize outdoor air ventilation ? Monitor & control target ventilation

            From simple tweaks and settings adjustments to adding new or retrofit equipment, bringing in more fresh outside air to replace indoor air can help reduce airborne pathogens and other contaminants.

            One option: Install an OEM or retrofit Economizer feature on your packaged rooftop unit(s), and enjoy the money-saving benefits of free cooling while introducing more fresh air into your facility.


            Filter air at MERV 13 or higher ? Implement advanced purification solutions

            The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter. ASHRAE recommends MERV 13 whenever possible. Other air purification solutions range from UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) using short wavelength UV (UV-C) to high-voltage electrostatic filters (capturing particles with high voltage and ionization fields) and photocatalyst using titanium dioxide to decompose organic compounds.

            OptiClean? Dual-Mode Air Scrubber & Negative Air Machine

            Simply and easily increase filtration with this portable, air-cleaning solution that can remove contaminants and discharge cleaner air back into the room. Roll it into place and plug it in to a standard electrical outlet to supplement your existing HVAC system.


            Control to 40% - 60% relative humidity

            Depending on your building design and location, you may need to add OR remove humidity to meet established guidelines. Keeping indoor relative humidity within the ASHRAE? 55 suggested range (40% - 60%) can minimize the effects of bacteria and allergens.

            Possible recommendations: If your building is in a hot, humid state, we may suggest our Humidi-MiZer? adaptive dehumidification system. If your building’s air is too dry, we’ll refer you to companies that specialize in humidifiers.

            Air Quality

            Implement multipoint IAQ monitoring ? Incorporate advanced IAQ controls

            Let Carrier test your indoor air quality and develop and implement upgrades to help ensure: optimal filtration, ventilation, airflow, controls, and more. Carrier experts can also develop corporate-wide IAQ engineering standards and help implement them.

            Manage Facilities

            Facility management tools help building operators manage occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and overall building health.

            Carrier Commercial Service provides BluEdge, a new best-in-class service and aftermarket offering. Central to BluEdge is a progressive, tiered service model, that provides a range of dynamic options to meet the needs of your business.

            Safe Start Service helps get your building ready for occupancy through a rigorous recommissioning of your HVAC equipment and implementing best practices.

            Engage Occupants

            Providing building occupants with real-time visibility into air quality metrics promotes the health and safety of their surroundings.

            Thermal Health

            Design to appropriate comfort standard ? Advanced localized controls

            Thermal health is a result of proper and acceptable conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) necessary to obtain indoor human comfort. Without a proper thermal health, people may feel too tired or distracted. Your local Carrier expert can help by matching key products to address particular issues keeping in mind that your site is unique thereby requiring a unique solution.

            Read our whitepapers to learn more about the science of IAQ and application-specific solutions.

            HVAC Control Strategies to Help Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 While Optimizing Energy Consumption
            Air-Conditioning & COVID-19: Slowing the Spread
            Air-Cleaning & Filtration: Addressing the Unseen in the "New Normal"
            Shining a Spotlight on HVAC Ultraviolet Technologies to Fight Disease Transmission
            Improving IAQ in the New Normal: Smart Questions for Building Owners
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            Connect with Carrier

            Carrier can help upgrade and operate your facilities with the appropriate package of solutions based on your industry application and requirements. Consult with Carrier experts to continue your own journey toward a healthier, safer, more efficient and productive environment.

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            Learn about other building-wide technology solutions for today’s reimagined environments

            In addition to Carrier's commercial HVAC equipment, controls and service solutions, we also offer comprehensive fire, security and controls product offerings. Learn more at carrier.com/healthybuildings.