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            24/7 Commercial Service

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            Carrier Controls Expert Program

            Carrier trains, tests, and certifies HVAC contractors to be experts in building controls. Through thorough training and ongoing testing of their service technicians, our certified contractors maintain extensive knowledge of the i-Vu? building automation system.

            Owner Benefits
            • Trained, tested, and factory-authorized experts to deliver the i-Vu? building automation system.?
            • Peace-of-mind that your i-Vu? building automation system will be properly installed and serviced.?
            • Multiple factory-authorized experts in your area to choose from.
            Find a Controls Expert Download the Brochure

            Controls Experts Program Tiers

            Three tiers of certification exist based on HVAC system complexity and the contractor's level of expertise and training:

            Interested in Becoming a Controls Expert?

            The Carrier Controls Expert program trains and certifies an elite class of HVAC contractors who install and service the i-Vu? Building Automation System in commercial buildings.

            Become a Controls Expert