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            Now more than ever, people are seeking confidence in indoor spaces. Building owners, operators and occupants recognize that every building is an indoor ecosystem that affects our safety, wellness and comfort. At Carrier, we believe that when you have the ability to optimize those environments in real time and benchmark them against global healthy building standards, the possibilities Abound.

            Abound by Carrier is a cloud-native technology platform that aggregates performance data from different systems, sensors and sources, and presents it in a smart, simple interface – so building owners and operators can make quick assessments and confident decisions that improve occupant wellness.

            Digital-First. Health-Focused. Customer-Centric.

            Developed out of Carrier’s commitment to digital innovation and built on the Carrier IO platform, Abound is a powerful tool designed around the needs of customers – and the growing demand for healthier, indoor environments.


            Grounded in Healthy Buildings Leadership

            Leveraging Carrier’s heathy buildings leadership and research, Abound affords building owners and facility managers real-time access to the health of their spaces.

            Based on the WELL Building Standard? 

            Abound evaluates collected data against the independent WELL Building Standard to assign a clear, easy-to-understand value based on indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

            Backed by Extensive Support

            Abound offers customers an unparalleled level of support throughout the product lifecycle through Carrier’s expansive service network, including BluEdge, NORESCO and EcoEnergy.   
            Optimize Indoor Ecosystems

            Abound empowers buildings to play an active role in the safety, wellness and comfort of those who inhabit them. By unlocking and unifying powerful data, the platform makes spaces smarter, more sustainable and more responsive.

            See Data Clearly

            Provides a clear view of your building systems and sensor performance data in one easy interface.

            Resolve Issues Quickly

            Inspects system and sensor information to identify anomalies – enabling you or your service provider to address and resolve issues faster and more proactively.

            Optimize Performance

            Enables new insights from building systems and translates the data to help you identify and implement strategies that ensure healthy spaces while optimizing performance and cost.

            Key Features for a Healthier, Higher-Performing Building

            Carrier created Abound to constantly evolve and add new capabilities to meet customer needs. The platform’s key features currently focus on health and comfort outcomes.

            Air Quality Monitoring

            View real-time and historical indoor air quality information, including temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, PM2.5 and radon – and receive alerts if levels move outside of a healthy range. 

            Live Indoor Air Quality Summary

            Explore a real-time summary comparing your building’s indoor air quality performance to certification standards such as the WELL Building Standard. 

            People Counting

            See current and past occupancy data for individual spaces or an entire building.

            Equipment Monitoring

            Access up-to-the-minute and historical data for critical building systems, including chillers, air-handling units, boilers and more. 

            Energy Usage Monitoring

            Get a look at real-time and historical electric load for your entire building or individual sub-systems (e.g., HVAC, lighting, network).

            Constant Additions

            Update regularly and effortlessly as new features and functionality are added to the platform – keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest Abound has to offer.
            Possibilities Abound

            Stay connected with the future of buildings. Connect with an Abound representative today to learn more about the latest capabilities and where we're going next.

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