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            Split Systems

            Carrier delivers efficient, dependable performance, inside and out.

            With Carrier split systems, a wide range of outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps works seamlessly with innovative indoor air handlers to create reliable solutions that are easy-to-install and service for a wide range of commercial HVAC needs.

            Matched Air Handler(s)
            Compressor Type
            Nominal Capacity (Tons)

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            Type: Condensing unit

            Gemini® Select Air-Cooled Condensing Units 38AP http://www.macguinea.com/commercial/en/us/products/split-systems-and-condensers/split-systems/38ap/ https://images.carriercms.com/image/upload/w_auto,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1547744651/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/split-systems/carrier-38apd-60T-dual-circuit-air-cooled-condensing-unit.jpg

            Type: Cooling only

            Gemini® Two-Stage Commercial Split System 38AUD http://www.macguinea.com/commercial/en/us/products/split-systems-and-condensers/split-systems/38aud/ https://images.carriercms.com/image/upload/w_auto,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1547744651/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/split-systems/carrier-38aud-two-stage-cooling-only-commercial-split-system.jpg

            Type: 3-phase heat pump

            Gemini® Split-System Heat Pump 38AUQ http://www.macguinea.com/commercial/en/us/products/split-systems-and-condensers/split-systems/38auq/ https://images.carriercms.com/image/upload/w_auto,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1547744651/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/split-systems/carrier-38auq-three-phase-heat-pump-commercial-split-system.jpg

            Type: Cooling only

            Gemini® Single-Stage Commercial Split-System 38AUZ http://www.macguinea.com/commercial/en/us/products/split-systems-and-condensers/split-systems/38auz/ https://images.carriercms.com/image/upload/w_auto,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1547744652/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/split-systems/carrier-38auz-single-stage-cooling-only-commercial-split-system.jpg

            Type: Cooling only

            Gemini® Packaged Air-Handling Unit 40RUA http://www.macguinea.com/commercial/en/us/products/split-systems-and-condensers/split-systems/40rua/ https://images.carriercms.com/image/upload/w_auto,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1547744652/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/split-systems/carrier-40rua-packaged-air-handling-unit-dx-cooling-only.jpg

            Type: 3-phase heat pump

            Gemini® Packaged Air-Handling Unit 40RUQ http://www.macguinea.com/commercial/en/us/products/split-systems-and-condensers/split-systems/40ruq/ https://images.carriercms.com/image/upload/w_auto,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1547744652/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/split-systems/carrier-40ruq-packaged-air-handling-unit-heat-pump.jpg

            Type: Chilled water

            Capacity Range (Tons): 7.5 - 30

            Gemini® Packaged Air-Handling Units 40RUS http://www.macguinea.com/commercial/en/us/products/split-systems-and-condensers/split-systems/40rus/ https://images.carriercms.com/image/upload/w_auto,c_lfill,q_auto,f_auto/v1547744652/carrier/commercial-hvac/products/split-systems/carrier-40rus-chilled-water-packaged-air-handling-unit.jpg

            GEMINI? 38AU / 40RU Split System Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

            The Gemini 38AU series outdoor units matched with the 40RU series indoor air handlers provide a variety of HVAC application options. Whether it’s lowest first cost with the single circuit 38AUZ series, superior part load performance from two stages of cooling with the 38AUD series or year around energy savings with the 38AUQ heat pump series, these units are designed for long dependable operation for rooftop or on-the-ground installation. All Gemini 38AU and 40RU series units use environmentally sound Puron? refrigerant. Together, they create a reliable split system that provides easy solutions to a wide range of commercial HVAC needs.

            Constructed for Long Life

            The 38AUZ single circuit and 38AUD dual circuit, scroll compressor models are designed and built to last. The outdoor coil construction allows for a more efficient design in a smaller cabinet size providing a reduction in refrigerant charge. Where conditions require, a special coil coating protection option is available. Cabinets are constructed of pre-painted galvanized steel, delivering unparalleled protection from the environment. Inside and outside surfaces are protected to ensure long life, good looks, and reliable operation. Safety controls are used for enhanced system protection and reliability. Each unit utilizes the Comfort Alert? diagnostic and troubleshooting control system. This protects the units operation and provides valuable diagnostic information when required.

            Efficient Operation

            Gemini air-cooled condensing units provide EERs up to 11.5 and IEERs up to 13.2, which meet the ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency levels. This high efficiency helps reduce overall operating cost and energy consumption.

            Dependable Performance

            The 38AU condensing units offer operating controls and components designed for performance dependability. The high efficiency hermetic scroll compressor is engineered for long life and durability. The compressors include vibration isolation for quiet operation. The high-pressure switch protects the entire refrigeration system from abnormally high operating pressures. A low-pressure switch or loss of charge switch protects the system from loss of charge. These units also include anti-short-cycling protection, which helps to protect the units against compressor failure. All units include a crankcase heater to eliminate liquid slugging at start-up and the Comfort Alert control system provides:

            • System Go LED indicator
            • Fault LED indicator
            • Compressor fault LED indicator
            • Phase loss protection
            • Phase reversal protection
            • Safety pressure indicator
            • Anti-short cycle protection

            Gemini heat pumps come standard with a precision sized factory installed refrigerant suction line accumulator that is designed to prevent liquid from entering the compressor during low ambient conditions or switching between operations.

            Ease of Installation & Service

            Certified and pre-engineered factory-installed options (FIOPs) allow units to be installed in less time, reducing installed cost. FIOPs include:

            • Low ambient controls which provide cooling operation down to -20°F (29°C) ambient temperatures
            • Non-fused disconnect switch
            • 115-v GFI (ground fault interrupter) convenience outlet, powered and non-powered available
            • Special coil coating coil protection
            • Louvered hail guard