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            Equipment Overhaul

            Carrier’s proactive approach to equipment longevity.

            With a century of HVAC experience, Carrier understands what it takes to keep your equipment running. All HVAC components need more than just regular servicing to keep them in optimum condition and maximize their useful lives. No matter how well maintained, periodically, all equipment needs a comprehensive inspection and overhaul.

            We help provide you with a peace of mind by providing timely maintenance and avoid unnecessary downtown on HVAC equipment. By scheduling comprehensive inspections and overhauls during planned down times, we help to keep your equipment running in optimum condition and maximize their useful lives. Our service experts begin with a total performance evaluation taking consideration of the age of the equipment, actual operational hours, and conditions of operation. A customized overhaul schedule is designed for HVAC equipment and operation.

            How can Carrier's equipment overhaul service provide value to you?

            It can:

            • Extend equipment life with comprehensive overhaul
            • Minimize unexpected failures and discover hidden problems
            • Ensure optimum equipment operation and efficiency
            • Superior long-term equipment planning and longevity

            Carrier's equipment overhaul service applies to:

            • For all large Carrier and non-Carrier HVAC equipment
            24/7 Commercial Service
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            Equipment Overhaul Service
            Sound planning for maximum HVAC equipment life