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            Refrigerant Management

            Refrigerant management for a sustainable future.

            Many buildings contain Carrier equipment that have years of reliable, efficient service ahead that utilize ozone-depleting refrigerants.? Carrier Commercial Service offers refrigerant conversion to retrofit existing equipment with alternative refrigerant that are readily available, cost-effective and environmentally preferred. Additionally, our Refrigerant Destruction & Reclamation Program can help your organizations with end-of-life refrigerant plan, supporting your environmental strategy.

            We can help with all your refrigerant needs from lifecycle management to separation and destruction.

            Refrigerant Conversion Program

            We offer a refrigerant conversion to meet your R-22 conversion needs. Carrier proactively started conversions in response to first refrigerant phase-outs more than 20 years ago. Carrier’s R-22 conversion program is an engineered retrofit, available only through Carrier Commercial Service and is performed by certified Carrier technicians with factory training on the chiller types involved.

            How can Carrier’s R-22 refrigerant conversion program provide value to you?

            It provides:

            • An alternative solution for existing R-22 equipment
            • Possible LEED? accreditation (30-series water-cooled chillers can contribute to LEED? points)
            • A custom-engineered, tested and proven retrofit
            • Conversions performed by certified Carrier technicians
            • A tangible commitment to provide corporate- and community-based environmental solutions

            Carrier’s R-22 refrigerant conversion program applies to:

            The following Carrier equipment is eligible for a refrigerant conversion with DuPont? ISCEON? MO99? refrigerant (R-438A):

            • Water-cooled 30HK/HR/HW chillers
            • Air-cooled 30GA/GB/GN/GT chillers

            Refrigerant Destruction & Reclamation Program

            Proper refrigerant destruction is a critical act for companies with a mandate to lead the world to a sustainable future. It positions your organization as a leader with a forward-looking environmental strategy, and accelerates your broader sustainability objectives.

            We can help you transform end-of-life refrigerant management into environmental leadership. To provide the most secure, accountable and sustainable end-of-life refrigerant management services, Carrier can assist you with end-of-life refrigerant management. Now, CFC-11, CFC-12, CFC-113, CFC-114, CFC-115, CFC-500 refrigerants, eligible CFC blends and other Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) can all be destroyed in a controlled, effective and accountable manner. Appropriate destruction ensures that these chemicals will not escape, be re-used or continue to threaten our environment.

            How can Carrier’s refrigerant destruction program provide value to you?

            It can:

            • Help eliminate uncertainty of CFC refrigerant price
            • Proper destruction ensures refrigerants will not be re-used
            • Secure, accountable and sustainable options for end-of-life refrigerant management
            • Potential LEED? credit

            Carrier’s refrigerant destruction program applies to:

            • HVAC equipment with CFC-11, CFC-12, CFC-113, CFC-114, CFC-115, CFC-500 refrigerants, eligible CFC blends and other Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS).
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