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            Remote Airside Management

            We spend 90% of our time indoors.

            For building owners and managers this means buildings must continue to be a safe place to work and support the health and well-being of occupants, all while keeping an eye on building operation, occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

            Carrier’s Remote Airside Management solution leverages Carrier’s i-Vu? automation system to remotely manage the building’s airside, providing a safe and comfortable environment for occupants. The solution can be used with many non-Carrier building automation systems.

            Remote Airside Management focuses on HVAC management, specifically:

            • Indoor Air Quality: maintaining different parameters for improved air quality as per standards such as space temperature, relative humidity and level of CO?
            • Ventilation and Air Distribution: ventilation rate checks and maintaining operational health for supply and return fans, air dampers, VAV dampers or fans and exhaust, and ventilation fans
            • Filtration: availability of filters, checking the health of filters and clogging pressure drop across filters

            Remote Airside Management provides:

            • An increased comfort level of occupants by managing indoor air quality
            • Remote management of indoor air quality and ventilation in accordance with industry best practices and guidelines
            • Optimization of building ongoing maintenance and operational costs
            • Remote actions and resolutions to help supplement on-site staffing
            • Detailed work order generation helps technicians effectively identify areas to focus
            • Key performance indicator reports to show progress toward goals
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