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            HVAC Baseline Analysis

            Carrier offers non-destructive testing services.

            Baseline Analysis can provide a remarkably detailed picture of many different mechanical problems, even in their earliest stages.

            Carrier’s Baseline Analysis service uses state-of-the-art instrumentation to determine vibration levels, noise levels, and balance conditions in HVAC equipment, enabling customers the ability to address problems before they become serious and costly. Additionally, a ‘mechanical signature’ is created for future comparison and analysis.

            Carrier will test, measure and analyze vibration and noise levels. Accurate balancing can also be included. Carrier provides reports on what was tested, data and vibration severity charts, analysis and interpretation, and recommendations for corrective actions, if needed.

            How can Carrier’s baseline analysis service provide value to you?

            It can:

            • Find, identify and correct minor problems inexpensively before they lead to more complex and expensive repairs
            • Avoid downtime, inconvenience, or discomfort to occupants
            • Cost effective projections of future maintenance and replacement requirements
            • Trend analysis for proactive maintenance

            Carrier's baseline analysis service applies to:

            • Carrier and non-Carrier HVAC equipment.
            24/7 Commercial Service
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            Predictive Maintenance
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