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            VRF from Carrier offers unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and expertise.

            The inventors of modern air conditioning have been improving indoor comfort since 1902. Today, Carrier offers a full line of VRF equipment for commercial and large residential needs. With these highly flexible systems, Carrier has efficient, quiet and space-saving VRF solutions for virtually any project.

            VRF Advantages from Carrier

            VRF is easy to install, use and maintain with Carrier. The entire system can be run from a central location or monitored remotely – perfect for a sprawling campus or a building with a range of heating and cooling needs. Timely alerts aid in maintaining the system and keeping it running at its most efficient.

            Visit our product pages and start designing your ideal system. We feature Carrier and Toshiba Carrier VRF systems running on 1-phase or 3-phase power.

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            Benefits of VRF

            A single VRF system can power up to 64 independent indoor units, depending on the system. This provides superior zoning because the refrigerant flow can vary from location to location, delivering only the necessary capacity to each zone.

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            VRF Case Studies

            Regardless of the challenge, whatever the application, the expanded VRF lineup from Carrier has a fit for your project. Whether it’s an office building or hotel, college campus or multi-use facility, VRF can provide smart and precise solutions for your HVAC needs.

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            Training & Resources

            The Carrier VRF Expert program is an important training and certification initiative, focusing on installation, maintenance, service and support. Passing the course means working at the industry’s highest level and obtaining unique certification that identifies each expert. And, the Lunch and Learn program is a great way to build up your VRF chops.

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            VRF Software

            Carrier offers selection software to help support the build-out of a complete VRF system – with everything from specs, piping and wiring layout to generating schedules. Click below to find selection software for Carrier VRF, Toshiba Carrier VRF and Ductless Systems.

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