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            Cooling Tower Rentals

            Carrier Rental Systems offers a variety of cooling tower rental designs to suit your demanding condenser/process water requirements. We inventory both open and closed cell cooling tower rentals ranging from 100 tons to 1,000 tons.

            Our rental cooling towers and fluid coolers provide critical condenser or process water cooling during repairs, replacement, or when supplemental capacity is required. Our broad range of rental cooling towers and fluid coolers help our customers to maintain continued operation during times of repair, replacement, or disaster, allowing your company to function as normal.


            • All types of HVAC comfort cooling applications
            • Supplemental cooling
            • Emergency response
            • Industrial/specific operating conditions
            • Process cooling
            • Refinery and chemical production projects
            • Scheduled outages and turn-around projects.
            • Testing requirements
            • Standby services

            Optional Features

            • Electric sump heaters
            • Fluid coolers
            • Evaporative condensing units
            • Low profile
            • Skid-mounted; trailer mounted
            Carrier Rentals Equipment Line Up

            We have a diverse and modern fleet of rental equipment and the expertise to apply them.

            Download our Linecard
            Commonly Rented Cooling Towers

            Download the specification sheets for our most commonly rented cooling towers.

            Cooling Tower Spec Sheets
            50-Ton Cooling Tower
            319-Ton Cooling Tower
            1,000-Ton Cooling Tower