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            Spot Cooler Rentals

            Carrier Rental Systems is a highly specialized provider of temporary spot cooler, temperature control, and power generation systems.

            We offer a variety of spot cooler designs to suit your demanding requirements. We inventory spot cooler rentals of various size and design configurations to meet your site conditions.

            For more information on spot coolers visit: www.spot-coolers.com


            • Office and computer rooms
            • Server cooling
            • Supplemental cooling
            • Emergency response
            • Industrial/specific operating conditions
            • Scheduled outages and turn-around projects
            • Testing requirements
            • Standby services

            Optional Features

            • Rentals and sales
            • Voltages: 115V, 208/230V, 460/480V
            • Portable (casters)
            • Quick installation
            • Office/computer room models
            • Industrial models
            • Self-contained
            • Rugged designs for harsh environments
            Carrier Rentals Equipment Line Up

            We have a diverse and modern fleet of rental equipment and the expertise to apply them.

            Download our Linecard
            Delivering Complete Rental Solutions

            Carrier Rental Systems can deliver complete, temporary application specific HVAC solutions - whenever and wherever needed.

            Learn more