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            Why Rent HVAC Equipment?

            Carrier Rentals provides provide commercial and industrial air conditioner rentals, temporary boilers, and much more for a variety of scenarios. For more information on these and other applications, please read our case studies or contact us to discuss your needs.

            Capital Constraints

            Many businesses consider rental air conditioners because they present a financially savvy alternative to investing big money in a permanent purchase.

            Planned Shutdowns

            If you must schedule a planned shutdown of your HVAC equipment, choose Carrier Rental Systems to implement a temporary solution to maintain operations.

            Equipment Failure

            Need heating and cooling rental equipment because of an emergency? Carrier can help. Learn more about our products and emergency solutions here.

            Supplement Existing Equipment

            On occasion, additional equipment is required for critical processes where peak performance is required to ensure product quality and performance and there are times when your equipment cannot meet expectations.

            Special Events & Projects

            When it comes to special events & projects, Carrier Rental Systems understands that nothing is typical and everything has to work on-time.

            New Construction Projects

            Choose Carrier Rentals for chiller rentals, dehumidifier rentals, and other HVAC equipment for your next construction project.